3 Days to Go

FAQ Number 8

What about stalls?

Stalls – we have a huge selection for you to wander around. One of our aims is to try and promote local groups and organisations, so you’ll see plenty of local charities and community groups promoting what they do for the community. Please give them your support wherever possible.

We of course have various craft and other stalls, ranging from jewellery to sweets, from exotic animals to jams and chutneys.

We do also have some stall spaces available. If you’re interested in standing, please get in touch via eckingtonfestival@gmail.com, although time is running out

4 Days to Go

FAQ Number 7

Are dogs welcome?

Welcome? They’re encouraged!

We have dog shows going on throughout the day, including Fly Agility, and competitions where your own four-legged friend can get involved. The categories are: Best Handsome Dog, Best Pretty Bitch, Best 6 Legs, Best Waggy Tail, Best Child Handler, Best Rescue (and of course, Best in Show). Bring your dog and enjoy the fun.

It goes without saying that you are responsible for your dog when in aggendance, including picking up any mess he or she makes.

6 Days to Go

FAQ Number 5

What’s there for the kids?

We have a number of things going on to keep the little ones occupied. There are funfair rides and attractions, a Laser-Tag dome, lots of sweet treats (sorry) and plenty of craft stalls offering goodies for low cost to keep them happy.

We also have, new for this year, a miniature train they can ride around on – sounds like fun, right?


We’re 10 days away from this year’s Eckington Summer Festival.

On each day in the lead up to the 7th annual Eckington Festival, we’ll be posting a FAQ and the answer so that you’re all clued up ahead of the big day. If you have any specific questions or need any information, though, please feel free to contact us on eckingtonfestival@gmail.com or via the ‘Contact’ page.

– The Committee

2 Days to Go

FAQ Number 9

What entertainment is on?

We have a great selection of entertainment for you. We have local music group S21 Live, along with winners of the annual talent competition ‘Eckington’s Got Talent’. We also have Dog Shows and Competitions, along with a fantastic solo performer in Steve Delaney (Facebook him, he’s great).

We also have new for this year, a pub-style quiz. Starting at around 6pm, there are great prizes to be won, so come and test your knowledge.